Fruiggie Juice

Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Michael Tartaglia and Riccina Cabezas Fruiggie Juice and Bowls mission is to provide local families with more fruits and veggies (fruit + veggies= FRUIGGIE) through nutritious and convenient meals, drink, and snack options. 

Mike has been a #juiceboss since 2008, perfecting recipes for cold pressed juice, smoothies, shakes and bowls to incorporate 100% natural ingredients. Being an entreprenuer for more than 20 years, including being a professional wrestling promoter, Mike saw a link between the growing trend of obesity and unhealthy food choices in South Jersey.  When friends and family began asking Mike to prepare healthy options for them in convenient ways so they could get more ‘fruits and veggies’ into their day, Mike saw  an opportunity to share his passion on a larger scale.  His commitment to high quality ingredients, dispelling myths around REAL nutrition and educating customers as they make healthy choices is the driving force behind the operations and product line at Fruiggie Juice and Bowls.  Mike lives out the Socratic code “Let food be thy medicine”.  Starting Fruiggie Juice was a natural overflow of the lifestyle that he knows can heal the body and improve quality of life for anyone willing to think green!

Riccina began her own health journey to set an example while raising and homeschooling her four children.  Working as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for a local non-profit, awarded Advocate of the Year 2017, Riccina is committed to building communities by supporting families as they set goals to improve their own health.  Partnering with other businesses as well as the Washington Twp Economic Development Board, supporting youth and families through mentorship, and state level advocacy for policy change are key to the vision for the Business with a Mission model implemented at Fruiggie Juice and Bowls. 

Fruiggie Juice and Bowls was funded in part through a partnership with other local small business owners as part of the Business with a Mission model.  At Fruiggie Juice and Bowls, we set aside a portion of our profits to assist other people as they work to achieve their own dreams. We also have a partnership with the Give Back Foundation, through our merchant servicer BEYOND, which donates each credit/debit card sale back to local non-profits and supports at-risk youth to attend college/vocational training. Established in 2020, Homes of Hope has been created with the desire to provide housing and business opportunities for survivors of domestic violence through the work at Fruiggie Juice and Bowls.